LD Links

Australian Long Distance Riding Websites

FarRiders: Australia’s Iron Butt Association connection
DRA: Distance Riders Australia Forum, you’ll need to join to see anything
Karl Pirchmoser: A fellow LD and Iron Butt Rider
Kimmie Kares: Kimmie’s records of LD riding of a Fireblade (and a DR650)

Iron Butt Websites

The Iron Butt Association
Iron Butt Forum
Iron Butt Association UK
Iron Butt Association Finland
Iron Butt Magazine: Some interesting articles to read if you don’t subscribe
Iron Butt Rally: The toughest ride in the world. 11,000 miles in 11 days

Interesting Websites

My Harley Davidson: My own Harley Davidson Blog, more than my Iron Butt Rides
My Super Tenere: My rides on my Super Tenere. again, more than just Iron Butt Rides

LD Riding Gear – a selection of stuff that works

Airhawk: 100,000kms sitting on mine and it’s still going. Get the pressure right.
LD Comfort: An incredible base layer for Iron Butt Riding.  Look after your skin!
Beadrider: About to these one of these, non airhawkers rave about them.
Baja Designs LED’s: I reckon these are the best bang for buck LED’s you can buy.
KLIM: My KLIM Latitude suit is waterproof, tough and just plain awesome.
Aerostich: If I didn’t have the KLIM, I’d probably have a Roadcrafter suit.
Daytona Boots:  My Daytona Road Star GTX boots are the best touring boots I’ve ever owned by a long way.