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Wombattle is a Motorcycle Rider, a member of the Iron Butt Association and FarRiders. These days with limited time to ride more often and not when I get on a bike an Iron Butt ride is the order of the day.  I’ve currently had more then 40 individual Iron Butt Rides certified since October 2011. Some rides attracted multiple certifications because of distances and timing.

All the rides listed on this site are documented, witnessed and have either been certified by the IBA, are currently pending certification or are of an IBA distance and verified some other way without certification.  An example of the latter would be a Long Distance Rally.


SS1600K: 1600km in 24hrs
SS2000K: 2000km in 24hrs
SS2000M – 2000 miles (3220kms) in 48 hrs
BB2500K: 2500km in 36 hrs

Extreme rides are rides that take most of 24 hours, are more than 48 hours in duration. This doesn’t necessarily coincide with the IBA’s definition, for example I consider riding a 125cc bike 2000km in one day extreme, usually an SS2000K is not considered so.

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  1. Hi Wom, I love the website. Great inspiration for me to spend some time updating and modernising mine. I have not read through all the ride report yet, so I have a reason now to keep visiting.


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